Friday, August 24, 2007

Ardis And Aubrey Came To Visit

Ardis is my daughter-in-law, but not really. She was married to my son Kenny for 12 years. They're divorced, and Ardis and I are still close.

She and Aubrey live in Seattle. She and her husband (Aubrey's father) are getting divorced in October. Should say final in October.

We had a wonderful visit!

We went to "The Junction" a sports park for kids and adults in downtown Ogden where the Ogden Mall used to be. It is a great place to have fun.

We spent time at her Mom's, and I ate there twice. Mike and I picked up Tony's pizza (no not the Tony's from the freezer case) this is the best pizza ever!

The funniest time was when we went to Kim's and Aubrey was able to be with someone her own age. Kelsie is just two years older. We played "Boxers and Briefs" and Aubrey came to life. I was so glad that she was really having fun. Finally!

She talked to a boy she knows in Seattle on her cell phone and told him what we were playing. He asked her if that had anything to do with taking off her clothes. We wondered why he would ask that and screamed "NO"! After she hung up she started laughing and said, Boxer and Briefs, no wonder he wondered if I was taking off my clothes!