Friday, May 11, 2007

Susan And The Kids Leave Syracuse

Susan, bless her heart, packed up the last of the remaining things after a two month move, and drove herself and the kids to Idaho, hauling a trailer they bought from the neighbor.

Mike, Susan, and her dad Billie, have been moving things for months now, every weekend. They had so much food storage, and the church wouldn't move it. That's an oxymoron, don't you think? Mike works for the church! They are paying to move everything in their house except the food storage that they encourage us to have.

It is not as strange as it seems. Mike and Susan don't have a one-year supply of food, they have a five-year supply of food, for six people, including treats! The church has a weight limit and their food storage alone was over the weight limit.

The pictures are of their Syracuse home. They had just put new tile in the kitchen.
Andrew is with his best friend Kodiac.