Thursday, May 10, 2007

I'm Feeling Better

Despite the fact that I didn't get any sleep last night - I am feeling much better.

The good antibiotic I'm taking for my sinus infection -and other supplements to support my thyroid, is beginning to strengthen my body. This is very good.

I only have 6 days before we leave for Hawaii, and I want to feel well and have enough strength to tour the Polynesian Cultural Center, and visit the Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor, and Mike wants to hike up to Diamond Head. I'm sure I can't do that one, but I'd sure like to give it a try.

One of my favorite things to do there is snorkel. That was such a fun experience when I was there in 1978. Jeri was there with me but wouldn't get into the water. The sun on the beach was so wonderful, she just wouldn't budge. She regretted it for years -listening to me talk about how much I loved it.

About 10 years ago or so, (Pam will have to tell me exactly when they went) Pam, Joan, Jeri and Heather went to Hawaii. Jeri wanted to snorkel for sure, but it was raining the day they planned on going.

She finally had an opportunity to go snorkeling on a trip she took with Larry. She loved it!

I was invited to go with them on that trip, but didn't want to go without Mike. He's never been, and I didn't want to go a third time, where he hadn't had the experience once.

Mike filled his suitcase this morning to see how everything fit. He was able to fit almost everything he intends to take in the second to the largest suitcase. Leaving the largest for me. I'm going to do my run through later today, to see how what I plan to take fits. I usually take more than I need.