Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The Mormon's

I'm watching the second night of a PBS Documentary on the Mormon's. This documentary is not made by the Mormon Church, but by a non-member. It has been very good for the most part, and also frustrating because there are false ideas being said by non-members and also previous members who have left the church.

One of the things that was just talked about is baptism for the dead. A Jewish gentleman is very upset because he discovered that his parents had been baptized into the Mormon Church. This caused him pain because as he said, "he is a Jew and parents are Jewish, and that's the way he wants it to stay."

He doesn't want to get to heaven and find out that his parents are unhappy because they were baptized Mormon's and they didn't want to be Mormons.

Does anyone see the irony in this last paragraph?

Let me set this straight.

First: No one is being baptized Mormon's. They are being baptized into the Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints. That sounds like the Mormon's and in a way is. Except the difference is - this is not Joseph Smith's church. It never was and never will be. Joseph explained that over and over, but the people wouldn't listen. This is Christ's Church. The people are baptized into Christ's Church.

Second: The person who is being baptized has their free agency to accept this baptism, or not to accept it. One of God's greatest gifts is free-agency!

Third: The Mormon Church is either true - or it isn't true. If it is true this man's parents and all those people who have been baptized are very very happy! If it isn't true - well it just doesn't matter. Does it?!