Tuesday, May 15, 2007

My Allergies

I can't believe how sensitive I am to foods! I have been so good since I got back from Hawaii trying not to eat anything that would trigger one of my symptoms.

Saturday night we went to Golden Corral for dinner and I made sure I didn't eat anything that would hurt me - except (you know there always has to be an exception.) I put a scoop of mashed potatoes on my plate. I only ate three bites, and then decided they weren't good enough to get sick on. See there's milk in mashed potatoes. The second cheat was that I had a rice krispy treat. It wasn't even worth it! It was dry and hard. I should be able to have rice krispy treats, but the problem is that rice krispies in the store have corn in them.

I had two rice krispies at Lisa's house Friday night. I won't do that again. I'll have to make my own with the rice krispies I buy at the "Good Earth." They are made with just rice.

Then yesterday after church we had stir fry. All it had in it was chicken and vegetables. I sprinkled about one teaspoon or less of soy sauce, and I had a horrible headache at the back of my neck, which is what happens every time I eat soy.

I will just have to learn that I can't tolerate any of these things. I thought I might be able to soy sauce if it's La Choy, because there is wheat in the other brands. But, it's not just wheat. I'm allergic to soy as well.