Monday, May 07, 2007


Jesse, is one of Brian's best friends.

He is the most loyal friend to us for sure.

After Brian passed away, Jesse spent a great deal of time with us, making sure we were okay.

He brought me a card and flowers for Mother's Day, and brought Mike a card on Father's Day.

He dropped in for visits often before we moved from our Clinton home.

We lost contact after we've moved to Arizona. Although, I sent him a Christmas card, and then April 7, my sister Sharon's birthday, which is Jesse's birthday, I sent him a birthday card. He was so surprised!

He called us in Arizona, and said he would come see us when we got to Ogden.

He came for a visit, on May 5, which is the anniversary of Brian's departure.

We love Jesse! He is like one of our kids. He is very thoughtful, and sweet, and it's fun to be around him. He is maturing, and doing well with his job.

His birthday is only one week later than Brian's, and I can't help but look at Jesse and see where Brian would be if he were here today.

His visits are both wonderful and hard on me. As I said I am easily traumatized. It just hurts me too much to remember certain things.