Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Sinus Infection

I just can't seem to stay well, or rather I should say, get well, and stay that way.

Two nights ago after getting on the web at 2 AM, I ran across an article on thyroid, and realized I haven't been taking my thyroid medicine. Yep! That's what caused the whole problem with my heart racing, and potassium dropping.

I got on the medicine, and last night realized I have a sinus infection! I have these chronically.

Part of the problem comes from living in Utah. The temperature goes up and down and causes me problems, and then I'm allergic to so much of the growth here. I love trees and flowers, why don't they love me?

Next, problem as I've mentioned in lots of my blogs is food intolerance's. One thing that causes me to have sinus infection is sugar. This can come in forms that you wouldn't think of being sugar. We had spaghetti last night. I only use rice pasta, but rice is very high on the glycemic index, and it can cause sinus infection. I just want to eat like normal people!!!!!!!