Monday, May 28, 2007

Hawaii - Day Five - Sunday

John and Karen have a lovely home in a beautiful city. Their backyard is small, but beautiful. It's a patio surrounded by palm trees, plants, and other trees. Hawaii style!

Sunday was a relaxing day. Church started at 8:30. Early. I think 9:00 is early. We came home and John and Karen cooked salmon and wonderful vegetables for dinner. I love salmon! It was perfect.

John worked hard to keep me from getting sick. He forgot at one time and offered me a cookie. I ate it and then he offered another one. I said no, and reminded him that I wasn't supposed to have had the first one.

He was totally upset with himself for not remembering that I wasn't supposed to eat a cookie. I should do better than I do in abstaining. In fact, I did get sick by the time we got home.

I ate bad stuff on the plane ride home. It wasn't necessary at all! I had good food in my bag. I will never do that again. I say that a lot, but I have to do better. That food is poison to my body. It literally causes infection in my sinus's and intestines. And, it can cause colon cancer. I really need to get this straight!

But, as I say this I have to admit that after dinner I did cheat. They drove us around the north shore to the point. We drove through a quaint little town where everyone goes to get shaved ice, and there is a great bakery there also. We didn't stop for anything but made a point of doing it the next day.

We stopped at the Dole Store and that's where I cheated. We had pineapple ice cream. Mine was covered with shaved coconut. I knew better than to have ice cream. Milk is as bad as wheat.

Then we stopped for a - well I was going to tell you what it is but I can't think of the word. It's a Hawaiian donut though. They are very good. We had some that were sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar, and mine was filled with custard. John's was filled with chocolate. That's wheat and milk!!!

Between the two cheats. I went to bed with a sore throat. It happens that fast!

It was a good thing that I had some antibiotics with me. The medicine helped fast so that I was able to enjoy the next day.

John, Karen, and I were very disappointed when we got to church because the genealogy I brought wasn't complete. I had three discs and there was only information on one.

We worked on a Harper CD that John's uncle Bob sent him. We got it loaded onto the computer.

And I helped Karen with the PAF program so she will have a better understanding of it.

These two last pictures were taken the last night at the Hale Koa.