Friday, May 04, 2007

Birthday Party For Nicholas

Tonight is Nicholas's 6th. birthday party. I hope I feel better tonight than I do right now. We had Chinese food last night from Maple Express, and I must have gotten some wheat.

Okay, I know I ate some wheat because I ate szechuan chicken which is the best item they sell. I think everything there had wheat in it. That will be very sad for me to never have szechuan chicken again! I should learn how to make it myself using rice flour. I'm sure I could get the recipe off the web.

Mom Susan, offers up the cake, while Dad Mike, gets the camera ready.

Nicholas, showing his puppy dog, given to him by Grandpa and me. He was very in love with this puppy that sat on our bed. You would have thought I was giving away one of my kids when I decided to let it go to Nick. My good friend Nancy came to my rescue by giving me more stuffed puppy dogs. Now I have three on my bed.

Nicholas, opening his presents

Anyway, it will be fun seeing everyone tonight. I missed Elycs's 1st birthday party because I had just gotten out of the hospital. Mike brought me home and left for the party.

I also missed our great-grandson AJ's 1st birthday party because it was held the last week we were in Arizona. AJ and Elyse are only a few days apart.

Tomorrow night is Ashley's 3rd birthday party. They are talking about having a swimming party. I sure hope I start feeling better!

May is a big birthday month for us. Jake, Sherri, and Kim, were all born this month.