Saturday, May 05, 2007

The Bathroom Is Painted

When we painted a few weeks ago we decided not to do the bathroom. There was wallpaper on three walls, the bottom half, that I didn't like and wanted it gone. Last week I started pulling it off, but it wouldn't come off without a struggle. Who ever put it there intended it to stay. Forever!

I used wallpaper stripper but that didn't do much. Pam suggested that I put a little shampoo or dish soap in the water and stray it on, and that it would come off easier. It did. But I finally gave up trying to get it off. I just sanded the rough places and painted it. I should say Mike painted it. He got up early this morning and it took him about 2 hours.

We're not done with the room yet because I'm still working on the part of the wall that had the wallpaper. It needs to be sanded a little better. But, at least most of the room is done.

I have a border for the top that will look perfect. I bought the border for a condo Mike and I planned on building, but the builder took two years and never got started on it. We gave up, asked for our deposit back, and bought the Clinton home.

I was going to put the border in the master bath there but I didn't have enough, and really didn't want anything there that wasn't neutral. I knew that someday we would sell that home.

We always intended it to be about a 6 year home, because we knew we would move to two homes when he retired. It turned out to be a seven year home. We certainly loved it there. We will miss it. But, for now, we sure love the two homes that we replaced it with.