Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Cancer Is Reshaping My Nose!

As if I haven't had enough health problems lately - now I have skin cancer on my nose. Actually, this isn't new. During the last few years Dr. Maughan has burned two skins cancers on the tip of my nose.

I was upset the first time because it left a small divot. When I went back and showed him a second cancer had taken its place, he empathized and said that there would now be a deeper divot, and sadly, there is.

During our winter stay in Arizona I noticed a skin cancer just above the divot. It grew, fell off, grew back, and fell off again. I knew I needed to get in and get it checked and actually planned on making an appointment with Dr. Maughan in February when we came for Quincy's baptism, but I didn't. Darn it!

By the time we got back home in April and I finally got to the doctor's office - it had grown - and now I have another divot that is quite large, but not as deep.

Now I'm worried because it's been a week and it looks to me like the cancer is growing back. It could be a scab, but I've never seen a yellow bumpy scab before.

I need to call Dr. Maughan's office and hope the doctor says everything is normal. I'm afraid that's really hopeful wishing!

Oh, I forgot to mention that Dr. Maughan burned a cancer on my wrist, and cut out another one on the top of my head. Oh, my goodness! I want this to stop!