Monday, December 24, 2007

Sunday Worship For Christmas

I love going to church at Christmas time! I sat in church contemplating the birth of our Saviour and how much He means to me.

The musical program was wonderful during sacrament meeting, and the messages that were given during the meetings was wonderful!

Just one problem, Chris and Dave took us to dinner last night before the concert and I tried hard to choose foods that I wasn't allergic to, but I wasn't successful since I was deaf the whole day Sunday. I couldn't hear most of what was said during any of the three meetings I attended. It was disappointing, but the spirit was strong and I felt it.

Later we picked up Cari and was supposed to pick up Joey and Brandi also, but Joey called just before we left and said they weren't coming. Mike asked if they were still coming for dinner on Christmas day, and Joey said he didn't know, but would let us know later. I was very disappointed because I have only seen my great-grandson Austin a few times and he is 20 months old.

We told Cari that they weren't coming and she said, "I wish I had known that I wouldn't have brought their mail". That opened an opportunity. I suggested we stop there since it was on the way and give them their mail, and possibly I could see the baby. We did and Austin Jagger is absolutely adorable! I wanted to spend some time with him, but we weren't really invited in and were standing in the open doorway letting the cold in. We left hoping that they would indeed come on Tuesday.