Friday, December 07, 2007

More On Mitt

Mike and I are so pleased with the many positive comments made by the media concerning Mitt Romney's speech that he gave in Texas yesterday. We've only heard a few negative comments, mostly concerning the fact that he didn't explain his church beliefs. Well, he wasn't supposed to explain his church beliefs. And if he is required to - then why isn't this a requirement of all the candidates?

Mitt is not a spokesman for the LDS church. He is a member of the LDS church. He isn't supposed to go around preaching about our church or telling what it's about. There are leaders of the church who are assigned specifically to do this.

It would take hours and hours to explain all the teachings of the Mormon Church, and it isn't necessary for one person to do it anyway, it's all right there on the internet. There are many sites a person can go to to learn about the church if they have a desire to know what it is about.

The only reason people keep asking Mitt to explain his views about the church is to set him up to fail! They want to prove in their own way that he belongs to a cult. The idea that our church is a cult is absolutely ridiculous and false.

When I was a young woman and it was required on a particular form to put my religious affiliation, if I tried to put LDS there was no place on the form to do that. Our church was thrown into a group where I had to check Protestant. We were certainly accepted back in the 60's and 70's as Christians. Of course, in those days, there was no special group called Christians like there is today. If you believed in Christ you were considered a Christian. Not today! Being a Christian is a club! A club that excludes anyone who doesn't fit their regime. That is very sad!

I think being a true Christian is someone who not only believes in Jesus Christ as our savior, but is someone who has a good heart, who would believe in Jesus Christ if they knew about him. For instance: An infant. If a new born baby dies without being born again, or baptized, in many chrisian religions they are not considered to be saved. How ridiculous is that? A new born baby is perfect and doesn't need to be saved by the likes of the sinner adults on this earth. They are already saved in Jesus Christ.

A second group who are excluded are people in different nations who have not had the opportunity to hear about Jesus Christ, yet they are good people who are waiting for the opportunity to receive the gospel. That is why the Church Of Jesus Christ (Mormons) sends out missionaries. Everyone on the earth deserves to have the opportunity to accept Jesus Christ as their Savior.

A third group who are excluded are religions that the so called club of Christians have decided among themselves, (there wasn't a proclamation from God sent down to exclude these religions), but rather a select group of people who have set themselves up as gods to decide who can belong to their club or who can't belong to their club. If the religion doesn't fit their requirements - it is considered a cult.

I have attended other churches and while we were in Sunday school all they talked about was the Mormon's and that they are from Satan.

I am happy to tell any none member of the Mormon church who may be reading this that I attend Sunday school every Sunday and we only discuss the bible or other scriptures. We never waste our time tearing down other religions. Nor would it be allowed.