Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I Love Christmas!

I have always loved Christmas! It's my favorite holiday. It was so magical when I was a child and teenager, and the most fun was when I was raising my children. It was truly even more magical then. I loved the anticipation of Christmas knowing how excited my children were, and hoping that Santa had brought gifts that would delight them.

Then the children were grown and along came the grandchildren. It's exciting to watch them also, but not the same as when I had children in my home.

Now Mike and I were alone and Christmas is not quite the same. In fact, it takes me a while to warm up to the Christmas holiday, especially since we live in Arizona now and it really doesn't seem like Christmas when it is warm and there isn't any snow.

My sweet husband is the reason I get into the Christmas holiday. He is the one who is excited to get the decorations out and get the tree up. After I once get the tree up, I'm usually in the holiday mood. But the real thing that does it is the music. I love Christmas music.

I love Christmas to celebrate the birth of our Saviour the most. We don't allow ourselves to get caught up in over-spending, or over-indulgence. We attend church, serve others, take gift cards off the tree at church to buy a needed gift for someone who needs it, and enjoy our family.

Today, I am filled with the spirit that Mike has created with music flowing through our home.