Thursday, December 13, 2007

Funny Arizona Story

I was at church the other night with the ladies having a Christmas dinner social. We started talking about how hot it can get here in Arizona. Sally said, "you've never experienced heat until you've been in 123 degrees"! I said, I was here that day."

Years ago, our son Brian and I were staying in Gilbert with my brother John. The temperatures were around 105 when we got here, increased to 112 and then 116.

My husband Mike and daughters Chris and Sherri drove from Utah to take Brian and me back home. (we had arrived in Phoenix by plane.)

That day the temperature had broken a record and was a steaming 123 degrees. Mike didn't know it had broken a record, he only knew that it was hot!

When he got out of the car to greet me he didn't say, "hi honey, or I'm so glad to see you, (we'd been gone for two weeks). Instead, he had eyes as big as saucers, and he said, "and you want me to move here"! We all laughed and told him that he had driven in on a record day.

We moved here 13 months ago, but only live here from October to May, and the temperatures are lovely through the fall, winter and early spring.

My sister-in-law Sherri was driving her Suburban which didn't have air-conditioning, and wondered why it felt so hot. She turned on the radio and got her answer.

Well, back to the girls at church. Sally was telling how her daughter was grocery shopping that day and the air-conditioning in her car was broken. She had groceries packed in the back seat clear up to the back window where the sun was coming in. Suddenly, she heard pop, pop, pop, and realized that all her microwave popcorn had popped!