Saturday, December 08, 2007

A Comment From Kenny

I posted the following comments on "One News Now" and I'm not even sure if they will post them for me. I also wanted to share what I wrote on Pegs AZ Life....
As a former Mormon, and as a Christian with a diverse exposure to many churches, religions and practices I cannot believe the comments of more than half of what I read in this article. The Mormon's that I know are the most upstanding and gracious people on earth, and should be treated as such. The comments I am reading are as narrow as those who are divided over "Faith Movements" and I have personally witnessed “believers” bash other “believers” no matter what their affiliation. Their views are so pious and so narrow, that they probably think their last vote was the right choice, and they alone interpret the Bible correctly. My experience has proved that the least tolerant of all believers are the most deceived, regardless of their associations. Such people elevate themselves to the level of "Pharisees" who judge and attack, completely ignoring the true doctrines of Christ. The Presidency is about morals and beliefs, and more so leadership with conviction. I personally cannot find one promise the current President ever made that was ever kept. Is our military better equipped, are our schools safer and more supported, was there help for those who needed it most, are we less dependent on foreign oil, foreign money and foreign influence. No! I think people should examine themselves before dividing this country further over doctrine issues which Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney clearly stated "I will serve no one religion, no one group, no one cause and no one interest." I wish that more Christians had that kind of wisdom and understanding. Our country is in a crisis, and we need the best person for the job. So please stick to qualifications and skills to lead us out of the mess we are in. Theological debates will not preserve our freedom to religion, "One Nation Under God" is a mantra toward preserving our "UNITY" not our division.
Love, Kenny