Saturday, December 29, 2007

Christmas Dinner

The morning began by visiting Steve and Sherri and the kids. They had a very nice Christmas and it's fun watching little kids Christmas morning surrounded by all their new found treasures.

Afterward we stopped to get my brother Mike, returned home and started Christmas dinner. I made clam chowder, and we had French bread, an applesauce bread that was given to us by our neighbors Paul and Carrie. We had slices of ham and I was going to make a salad, but never got it done.

We had pumpkin and apple pie with ice cream for dessert, and then opened a few more gifts.

Mike gave me a beautiful book for Christmas and a new pair of scales since he broke our last scale last October just before we went back to Arizona.

Cari, Joey, Brandi, and little A.J. ate with us too. Lisa and the kids came a little later.

I was so happy that Joey and Brandi came. I really wanted to spend some time with my great-grandson and it was very nice.

Mike put a 100 miles on our car picking everyone up and taking them back home again. We are both tired again. And I have been deaf all day long. I can't wait until tomorrow so I can get an antibiotic. My ears go deaf from the cold and foods I've been eating. Although, I haven't eaten very much that should have done it.

Mike is relaxing by watching TV. but since I can't hear, I'm just sitting her doing what I can do. Although, I think I'll quit and go and read my new book.