Monday, December 03, 2007

Putting Up Christmas

I'm glad I feel a little stronger than I have since Thanksgiving, because there is so much to do around here, now I'm feeling stressed instead of ill.

I've tried to take it slow today, but I'm ending the day very tired. I've put up all the Christmas decorations except for the tree. That's always last, because it takes me so long. Mike spent an hour just getting it up, and I couldn't have decorated it anyway, since there was one strand of lights out. The tree has it's own lights and he wasn't sure where to start to find the one light that was out. Unbelievably, he just exclaimed with exuberance that the first light he replaced just happened to be the one out. That's incredible!

Now, there's no excuse I have to go trim the tree. Actually, he wouldn't let me anyway, because he knows how tired I am, and would insist on me waiting until tomorrow. No argument from me.