Friday, December 14, 2007

Star Of Wonder

Every year Phoenix First presents a wonderful Christmas celebration called "Star of Wonder" at Cave Creek, Phoenix Arizona. This was their 29th. year.

We went with our friends George and Nancy, and Halley and Connie, and what a Christmas celebration it was!

Yes, there was an elephant! We had a tiger, a kangaroo, horses, a donkey, and the tiniest pony I have ever seen.

There was a camel that went across the stage several times and then came down the aisle and had his face right in our faces. We were on the aisle, and was up front and personal with this camel.

I love the elephant. He swayed his head to the music and then when the Christ child was born he bowed. Literally!

It's hard to tell, but the colors in the Christmas tree are real people who sangs Christmas carols to us.

There were six live angels who were 60 feet in the air above us, flying all over the place.

There were rope trapeze artists that entertained us. And there was a story with hundreds of people acting out the Christmas story.

It was a lovely evening! Afterward we went to Village Inn for pie. Well, the others did. I can't have pie and had a taco salad instead.