Saturday, December 22, 2007

More About Friday Night!

I was able to get right to sleep Friday night and slept well until 6 AM Saturday when I got up to go to the bathroom. As I returned to the bedroom, somehow I got turned around and stumbled over the suitcase that I had left by the dresser. I knew it had been left precariously, I had it pushed next to the wall and the dresser, but the space wasn't large enough to safely get around. It really was fine if I hadn't started walking the wrong direction to get back into bed. It's light at that hour in Phoenix, but was still dark in Ogden, Utah.

When I jammed my toe on the suitcase I was in tremendous pain. I either broke or sprained my 'this little piggy goes to market' toe on my left foot. When I started falling forward I hit my back on the corner of the dresser which caused me to let out a yell, but though the worst was over, I was in a situation where insult was added to injury. Also, injury was added to injury. I was headed for the floor fast, but before meeting face to face with it, I hit my shoulder and head on the bed frame! Ouch! I didn't cry, but could only lay there and moan.

Mike was fast asleep and couldn't figure out what had happened. He was aware that I was on the floor between the bed and dresser, and thought I had passed out. He crawled over the bed, turned on the light and helped me get into bed.

He is usually awake and up before this time and there was no sense in him going back to bed now for he was thoroughly awake.

That's a hard hour for me to go back to sleep too. I don't normally wake that early, but if I do, it's hard for me to go back to sleep too. This time there was no way I could go back to sleep. I was in too much pain!

I thought a nice hot bath sounded good, but I have never have any success trying to take a bath in the this condo. By the time you get 4 inches of nice hot water in the tub - it turns cold.

I gave that up as well, and got dressed and started my day. But, that was a problem too. My toe hurt with every step I too.

Later on I rested and talked on the phone with Kenny, Cari, and Amy, briefly. There were two other times I had an opportunity to stay off my foot that helped it heal.

We were going to dinner in Bountiful with Chris and David and then off to Salt Lake City to see "Savior Of The World" which is put on by the Mormon Church. I was worried about putting on shoes and going to these two functions, but I had asked a prayer that my toe would allow that much walking, and it has never hurt since! Prayer works! What a nice Christmas present! We had a very enjoyable evening!