Thursday, December 13, 2007

Drew Peterson

If you don't know who Drew Peterson is then you don't watch TV. It's interesting that a few years ago we had Scott Peterson whose life Lacey went missing, and now we have Drew Peterson whose life Stacey went missing.

But along with this present wife missing it looks more and more like he killed a previous wife in the bathtub. However, evidence was just given today that she was murdered before she was put into the bathtub.

It's also disconcerting that the person who did the autopsy claims she died by accidental drowning, and the jury let Drew Peterson off. Someone has put in the fix. Something stinks with this case. I will be listening and watching to see how this story ends.

If Drew Peterson did in fact have something to do with his two wives dying, I sure hope he gets sent to the big house for the rest of his life!