Thursday, December 13, 2007

I Love Skiing!

I was an over-the age ski bum for almost 20 years. My son Mike loved skiing and was a natural! I put him in a ski school and after his first lessen I heard him yell from me above and suddenly he had skied down a very steep hill, and within a minute was at my feet.

I was dumb enough back then to think that I would pay to have him learn and he could teach me. I didn't learn until I got a lessen myself.

My other children all skied but wasn't as interested in the sport as I was. Even Mike had to go away to college and later the Air Force, so I skied with my friends.

1993 was when I stopped skiing because I had come down with post polio. (I had polio when I was 8.)

Then in the 2002 when the winter Olympics came to Salt Lake City, my 2nd. cousin Gail came from Florida to ski with her daughter Jordan. They were skiing at Snow Basin in Utah where some of the events were held. I wasn't dressed in my ski clothes but realized I could rent skis and my levis were just fine. I would only be able to ski a few runs on the baby trail anyway.

A few days later Gail wanted to go to a different ski resort in Ogden called Nordic Valley where you can do sledding. I took my opportunity. The whole family went sledding except me and I skied two runs. I would have skied all day, except the line for the rentals was so long that that's all the time that was left. The sledders didn't want to stay as long as the skiers do. I had a great time! It had been about nine years since I had skied.