Wednesday, September 26, 2007

PMS Relief The Natural Way

Everything I put in my body is the natural way. I got so sick on my trip and I was trying to do everything right! But when you eat at restaurants it's hard to avoid foods when you have allergies like mine.

I didn't really get sick, but I sure went deaf! I spent the whole 15 days with my ears plugged and it took me the entire trip to figure out what was causing the problems. I avoided wheat, milk, corn, and sugars, which give me the most trouble. Salt is a problem too, and restaurants really salt their food.

First problem was eating breakfast at Ma and Pa Kettles. It wasn't there food that was the problem. I ordered an egg omelet and had them omit the cheese. I got into trouble by eating ketchup! As I said, it took the entire trip to figure this out. I ate ketchup almost every meal along the way.

By the time we got to Connecticut and I was eating another omelet at Kenny's house, I suspected ketchup might be the problem. This time I grabbed the ketchup bottle and read the ingredients. Corn syrup! High Fructose! Why does everyone put these two things in everything we eat? Did you know they even put it in McDonald's French fries? They do. And, I'll answer my own question. They all do this because it makes food sweeter and gets us addicted. I am allergic to corn! And when I'm allergic, my ears go deaf!

I have to be very careful about taking medications also. I am as fussy about taking natural medications as I am eating natural foods.

Here is a natural formula for PMS relief. Just go to the website by clicking on PMS relief and you will find a natural formula that is good for all kinds of pain relief. It also reduces inflammation. I read a book while I was in Arizona last winter that said inflammation is the root of all our health problems.