Thursday, September 27, 2007

Holiday Shopping Promotion

Yep! It's that time of year again when we are busy thinking about holiday shopping. is an on-line business where you can click onto, and shop with coupons to any of your favorite stores.

You know what Black Friday is all about. That's the day after Thanksgiving when the world is turned upside down by either getting up at dawn or actually sleeping in the street to be first in line to take advantage of the sales that the major retailers around the country offer at discount prices to help kick-start the Christmas shopping season.

You don't know what will be on sale until you get your Thanksgiving Day newspaper and read all the ads in the many circulars that are enclosed in the paper. It's the largest paper of the year.

This website gives you the advantage of taking advantage of the sales early. You will see them before anyone else does and you won't have to stand in line or sleep in the streets, and you don't have to elbow your way through the stores trying to find the items you want.

I have 19 grandchildren and clicked the K.B. Toys Store and the first item is the 20 Q Electronic game for $5.99. I am not game literate so I put the words "20 Q Electronic Game" in quotations in a search engine, and guess what? It's advertised there for on sale for $19.95. Hey! I just got my own attention. Big Time!

Your on your own. I'm getting off this blog and buying some Christmas Gifts! Now!