Thursday, September 27, 2007

Nauvoo Temple

We were in the temple two of the three days. It was wonderful. Although, there were 12-17 stairs to climb just to get into the front door, and then Mike and I walked up the beautiful staircase to the second floor the first day. We knew there was an elevator, but we wanted to feel the full beauty of the temple and was more able to see it that way. After that we used the elevator.

The second day, Ray and Colleen took us on a private tour or the temple. What an experience that was! Up close and personal!

We went to Ray and Colleen's to have our breakfast and lunches everyday. They were at the temple, but offered us their home to rest and eat. It was very helpful. I carried a few of my special food items, like rice bread, rice cereal, and soups that are not full of salt and ingredients I have to avoid.

While we were there we visited the Visitor Center, took a wagon ride through the quaint little town, visited the Brigham Young Home, Heber C. Kimbal Home, Smith Family Cemetery, Saw the Trail Of Hope on Parley Street, where the saints walked leaving Nauvoo to cross the Mississippi river during the winter!

We also drove to see the Carthage jail, where Joseph Smith and his brother Hyrum were murdered.

Nauvoo was a beautiful experience. I was there in 1972, but much has changed since then. This was Mike's first trip there, and we certainly enjoyed seeing it together.

The bad thing was that I was pretty deaf those three days and couldn't here what the tour guides were telling us. It was especially hard on the wagon ride. The sister missionary didn't talk very loud, and with the wind that was blowing (this was our only cold day out of the 15) and the clomp- clomp - clomp of the horses hoofs, I couldn't hear a thing she said.