Friday, September 28, 2007

More About My Allergies

I've mentioned in several blogs about my good friend Jeremy who works are Herbs For Health in Ogden, Utah. He helps me so much! He has the type of food supplements my body likes. They are herbs not synthetic!

He also has the expertise to muscle test me to see which products my body actually wants and needs.

A month or so ago I mentioned that I went to a doctor (not a medical doctor) we just call him doctor. I don't know what his qualifications are, but he takes one drop of your blood, puts it under a microscope and can tell what is going on with your body.

He put me on a different food enzyme. I am a carrier of cystic fibrosis. My children have it, which means my first husband and I are both carriers. Though I don't have CF, I am affected by it. I was already taking two other enzymes that my body likes.

He also sold me a new vitamin pill stating that the body cannot simulate synthetic vitamins.

Well, after being deaf for more than two weeks. I was so deaf before our trip when I took my daughters and niece to lunch that I couldn't hear a thing they said. I was also deaf the whole 15 days we were on our trip.

This morning I told Mike that I was going to Jeremy and have him test me to see if the deafness is being caused by any of the supplements that I'm taking. I had been avoiding everything that normally cause me problems. I thought the deafness on my trip had to do with the lush greenery of the midwest and east, that we're not used to.

It was a contributor, but since it has not cleared up since I got home, I wanted to know what else is the cause.

Jeremy tested me and I didn't need either of those two products. It was interesting because Mike had just suggested this morning before I left that he would like to cancel the subscription.

I mentioned to Jeremy that I would like to take a good vitamin and that I wanted it to be natural, not synthetic. He tried every vitamin in his store. Nothing! My body didn't want any of them. His are plant based to. And I am allergic to plants!

I am going to go to another health food store and try the ones that are - can't think of the word I want - but they are liquid, and are more easier assimilable.