Friday, September 28, 2007

Anti Mormon Comments

I knew when I started writing about the wonderful LDS Church History trip we've just returned from that my blog would be read by non-Mormons. I didn't expect to be attacked though!

I come from a family of mixed religions and have had the opportunity to grow-up with a love and tolerance for all people and for all religions. There are good people everywhere and I always love meeting new people no matter what religion they are affiliated with.

I have been receiving messages from a blogger who I guess wants to convert me to her way of thinking through using the tactics of contention and hatred. Sorry, that won't work!

I am a member of The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints. And I am very happy to say that our church teaches through love, and service! We don't sit in church and talk about the other churches. (I have been to many churches where the topic is to slam, smear, and talk bad about the Mormons.) We go to church to learn and teach the gospel and leave there committing ourselves to improving ourselves and doing good to all people.

The person who is leaving me comments seems to be a very unhappy person. She lives in the beautiful city of Nauvoo and instead of being positive and telling about the beautiful city she lives in - her two blogs are nothing but anti-Mormon literature! The blog is contentious and full of hatred! Quite frightening to be honest! I feel sorry for people like her. And they only strengthen my testimony! I belong to a church that fills my soul with happiness and love. The surroundings of my whole life is nothing but happiness. I think you could read everyone of my blogs and there are more than 600 of them, and you won't read one negative thing I've ever written. Nor have I ever made any negative comments on any one's blog. That is just not me.

In closing I would like to leave one last thought. Almost or maybe every war that has ever taken place in this world connects itself with religious differences. As is the war our country is fighting today.

Our loving God, must be very frustrated to see his children fight to the death (literally) over the church He established! Imagine the arrogance of his children who think they know it all, and have the right to shove their ideas on others! He said, "Love One Another" and that's all I'm trying to do. I have never pushed my church or my own agenda or my own ideas on any one, and I never will. Nor will I engage myself in battles of religion.