Saturday, September 08, 2007

Girls Day Out

I am very blessed with lots of kids. I took nine of us to lunch this afternoon to celebrate every one's birthdays.

We went to "The Greenery" at Rainbow Garden's in Ogden, Utah.

When I was young, Rainbow Garden's was a swimming pool. Years later they turned the pool into a gift shop. The hole is still there, and they added stairs, creating a very interesting gift shop.

Years later they added a bowling alley, and years later again, they turned the bowling alley into a gift shop. They already had one besides the pool, and there are now three gift shops around the restaurant.

All included at the luncheon were Chris and her baby Lydia, Sherri, Amy, Lisa, Kim, Kelsie, Cari, who's birthday is tomorrow, my niece Heather, and myself.

It was an enjoyable afternoon, and it was fun having everyone together.