Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Hannibal Missouri

What a fun site this is! We went through Mark Twain's house and Becky Thatcher's house, which is right across the street.

Mark Twain's, Tom Sawyer was modeled after himself and several other childhood friends. Huckleberry Finn was modeled after one of his friends, who really was the poorest kid in town, and who's father really was the town drunk.

Becky Thatcher wasn't the girls real name who lived across the street. But she is the one he really did love. Becky's father wasn't the judge though. Samuel Clemens father was the really the judge.

The cave is real. The stories are real. The stories he wrote about really did happen, and there are so many things to see in Hannibal, that happened in the books we grew up with and loved.

I left the Mark Twain house and walked out onto the street, and low and behold there he was. Mark Twain himself! He was really cute too. He said, "I bet they told you I was dead." I told him they had, but I didn't believe them. He said that he had been a bad boy was sent down to that Hades place, and had to work his way up to St. Peter's gate. It took him a long time, but he did such a good job they told him he could come back for a visit.

We had a great visit, and had our picture taken together. I don't have the picture ready to put on here yet, but will get it on soon, so you can see for yourselves that I really did meet Mark Twain.

We ended our tour by walking through the sites, walking up and down the streets, and drove the two blocks which is all it took to get to the Mississippi river where Samuel Clemens spent his childhood among the riverboats. It was exciting and exhilarating to be there.