Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Always Working On Genealogy

I've really stepped up my work on genealogy this week! It's so addicting!

I have been working on Mike's family. He has an 8" high pile of papers that I've spent many years getting onto the computer. I just turned the papers over to his daughters, and will give them a disc as soon as I've completed most of it. I'll never be done of course!

It was a lot of fun last night. I had added the Kings and Queens to the disc and then got on Family Search to add more. Mike came in and was standing behind me and I told him to notice the date. It was about the year 800. By the time I finished last night I had the family line back to 312 BC!

Mike came back in and asked him how far back he thought I was now, and he started guessing, but was very shocked when I gave him the number. It's all very fun and interesting.