Monday, September 03, 2007

Expecting A New Baby

While we were at Amy's house Friday afternoon, celebrating Emily's birthday party, Lisa pulled out of a diaper bag, an ultrasound of a baby.

She gave us a bad time for a while that it was hers, but nobody bought it.

We're kind of dense, but finally got it that it belonged to Sherri. She and Steve have a son and three daughters, and want to see if they can give Quincy and brother.

Congratulations are in order to Sherri and Steve, and us as grandparents. We love our grandkids!

Mike reminded her that they had to have six children to get that second son. She says this is the caboose, and they are really hoping for a boy! So am I. We need boys in this family. We get together and the room is full of estrogen!

The four girls have 8 little girls between them and only two boys! This is counting Mike's four girls. Mike and Susan have three boys to one girl, but they live in Rexburg Idaho, and the grandchildren don't get together very often.