Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Eastern States are Gorgeous

Kirtland was beautiful in every way possible! Starting with the gorgeous landscape to the beautiful homes. The homes are different than the ones in Utah and Arizona. All the homes here seem to be on an acre or more. Everyone has land around them.

The homes in Chicago are more similar to home, except the ones in the city. They resemble the homes in the New York City areas, (Archie Bunker) and San Fransisco (Full House). Got the Picture?

There is a spiritual feeling in Kirtland and the surrounding areas. We noticed how calm and peaceful is has been every since we arrived in Kansas City, Missouri. As we drove along the country roads we felt less stressed than we do at home. It seemed like people here don't rush around. They take things slower, and enjoy the little things that happen each day. They take time to smell the roses as the saying goes. It might not be so - since we didn't meet that many people on the way, but that's the feeling you get.