Saturday, February 03, 2007

Surprise Birthday Party

Mike's 60th. birthday was just before Christmas, and Lisa was upset that we would be in Arizona and the family wouldn't be able to celebrate with their dad and grandpa. She and I started talking last October about giving him a surprise party.

During the last month, Lisa planned and then re-planned the party. The original plan was dinner at Maddox, a wonderful restaurant, near Brigham City, Utah. But, as the time grew closer the kids got worried about how expensive it would be to take their whole families there.

Maddox is a little pricey, and all the kids have children, so the location was changed to Golden
Corral in Ogden, much more convenient, location wise, and much more affordable.

Mike was totally shocked when he arrived at our table and saw 41 members of our family, and two couples who are dear friends of ours.

It was a very enjoyable evening! It was difficult however, trying to eat and visit with everyone. We haven't seen any of them for three months, and had a lot to talk about.

The evening was enjoyable and the surprise a success!