Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Kenny is Coming

Well, he says he is. But, we don't have a date yet.

Dubby and Carolyn are coming in March also, along with Pam and Joan, and Kenny. We're anxious to see everyone. I hope I stay well. It seems like every time I have company or when I go to see others, I end up sick. I probably over-do. Actually, it's because I eat wrong.

Kenny is going to fly here, rent a car, stay a few days, then drive to St. George to be with his dad and LaRue, drive back here, stay a few more days, and fly back to Connecticut. Hectic trip, as most are.

I think it would be fun to take all our company to see the Arizona Opry. They would all love it, but no one is going to be here at the same time. It would cost us a small fortune to go with everybody.

We will take Kenny for sure though.