Thursday, February 15, 2007

Back To Normal

We have had so much company (which of course, we love) and it seems kind of odd to get back to normal. We were in Utah for a week as well as having company before and after we got back. Mike and I need to get back to our normal routine.

We plan to go to the clubhouse and play a few games of pool today, and we're planning to swim tomorrow. That was probably not the routine you were thinking of, was it?

We're doing laundry this morning, and I need to a 50 names of genealogy on the internet today as well. And, I really need to get back to doing my yoga! I don't exercise when I'm sick, although, I do a few stretching exercises to relieve the backache that comes with lying in bed.

Robyn and I went to the pool three times last week, and that did the trick in getting rid of the backache. I have one right now though, and plan to go exercise.