Monday, February 19, 2007

Still Waiting

We closed on our home a week ago and are still waiting for our money on the Arizona home. We feel like we've been held hostage for the past six months. No matter how good things are going - something always happens to impede our progress.

This time it was the title company's fault. We were told to enclose a deposit slip, and they would deposit our check for us. Well, the bank didn't like that idea. They put a hold on our funds. Now we have to have the title company do a stop payment on the check, and wire the funds like normal.

We are scheduled to close on this home tomorrow, but today is a Federal holiday and our bank and title company are both closed. I hope we can get this problem solved tomorrow. In the meantime, the Realtor has scheduled the closing on our Arizona home for Friday. It turns out that the sellers haven't received their mortgage pay-off yet.