Friday, February 16, 2007

Home finally closed!

Yeah! Our Clinton home finally closed yesterday.

Actually, that's kind of sad as well as exciting.

We loved our home. We had it built new, and I designed it.

The kids loved it too, and feel very badly that we sold it.

We do love our new Arizona home, but it isn't near as nice as the Utah home.

We sold a $254,000 home and bought at $67,500 manufactured home in Apache Junction. It is much nicer than it sounds though. It is almost 1700 sq. ft. with a 500 sq. ft. screened room.

We had to buy a lesser home because housing is very expensive in Arizona and we want to own our home.

We will also be buying a small condo in Ogden. We almost have enough cash for pay for both, but not quite. And, we don't want all our cash tied up in homes.