Saturday, February 17, 2007

Mexican Hat

Friday night is Mexican Hat night. We played with Bob and Sandy, Dorothy and Randy, and Bruce. I won! It was only my third time to play. Once was 7 to 10 years ago at Kathie's, and the second time was at the ski resort last month with John and Sherri.

We had fun at the ski resort, and Mike suggested we buy our own game, but we haven't done it yet. Last night was a lot of fun with 7 people. You have a lot of trains to choose from.

Sandy's game was easier than John and Sherri's. The dominoes have numbers instead of dots to count. And, John and Sherri's game is double-15, so there's lots of dots to count.

We were going to stop by the swap-meet today while running around doing errands and buy a game, but I was just too tired. We came home to rest!