Friday, November 02, 2007


Kenny, Peggy, and Laura in front of the Capitol.

While Mike and I were on our trip we decided to end it by seeing Vermont. Our son Kenny lives in Connecticut, close to Hartford We only make it to the east coast about every three years, and we like taking the opportunity of visiting the New England States. They are all close in proximity and it is my goal to visit all the New England States.

We have been to many cities in Connecticut, New York City, and recently, upstate New York, Providence, Rhode Island, Boston, Massachusetts, and recently, traveled through other cities in Massachusetts. And, our recent trip ended in Montpelier, Vermont. We were right on the border of seeing New Hampshire, which was just six miles away.

We went there to see the beautiful trees with their fruit-loop colors, but we were just a few weeks two early. We were a few weeks two late a few years ago. However, I have a few pictures here that are not too shabby.