Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Outdoor Cushions

I need new Outdoor Cushions for my chaise lounge right now! I should have Mike go take a picture of the cushion on it, you would laugh. It's not that there's anything wrong with the cushion, it's just that the cushion underneath is worn out and I just bought a new one and stuck in on top of the old one so it would look better. It looks kind of cheesy though. This one in the picture looks very nice.

There are cushions for everything on this site. Patio furniture, chairs, seats, an ottomans a bench, pillow, you name it they have it. You can design and custom make your own cushions for your outdoor patio table, and chairs, and even the umbrella. So see you don't have to just order what they have on the site, you can also custom make your own pillow, shapes of the pillow, design of the pillow, etc.

One happy customer left a testimonial giving praises about the quality of the cushions they ordered. That person went so far to say that the order was"FAR beyond their expectations! They continued by saying, "They are fantastic. The fabric is beautiful, the color is perfect and the quality is amazing. In this day of seeming to always get substandard service and merchandise, you stand out as a leader in quality products. I will certainly be a return customer!"

That's quite a testimonial! I don't think there is a selling tool as powerful as a hearing the words of a satisfied customer. There are other testimonials on the site that praise the good works of the craftsman workers and the customer service on this site.