Thursday, November 08, 2007

I Use Colloidal Silver For My Infections

I have constant sinus infections from the foods that I am intolerant of. The biggest finding this past few weeks is that onions and nuts were causing me the infections. There are other foods as well, but these two were the biggies.

I have suffered with chronic sinus infections since the sixties, and was constantly taking antibiotics which I became allergic too. I have wondered why the sixties until just this minute and realized that is the year I was married. I loved onions and was cooking with them practically every night. If only I had known I was allergic to onions. I could have saved myself a lot of grief for more than four decades!

The past four years I have taken natural antibiotics for my sinus infections. This natural antibiotic is colloidal silver I am on it right now.

I had a sinus infection from onions two weeks ago and took 6 squirts a day for a few days, and then was able to reduce the amount to two squirts a day for a few more days, until I felt it was gone. I knew I was allergic to onions at that time, but didn't realize there was onions in the store bought spaghetti sauce until I read the bottle after eating spaghetti for three days.

I could tell that I had another infection yesterday, and I have taken two quirts a day the last two days. I am feeling much better today than I did yesterday.

Collodial Silver also helps with the flu.

If you've never heard of this miracle cure. You really need to check into it!