Friday, November 16, 2007

Colloidal Silver - My Natural Antibiotic

I use colloidal silver all the time because I suffer from constant sinus infections that are caused by eating foods I'm allergic to. I was on the silver a week ago from eating too much cream and butter. I realized I can have some of these products, but I tend to over do it. I am an over-achiever! I was back to normal and then went to my cousin Dee Anna's and we bought a pumpkin pie from the store. I knew I was going to be in trouble because I can eat pumpkin but not the milk and sugar they put it it. If I were young and rich and healthy I would love to open a restaurant where only delicious natural good foods are served. There are many people like myself who can't tolerate all the ingredients the companies are putting into our foods.

We ate the pie on Saturday night and I woke Sunday with what would be the beginning of a sinus infection. Thank heavens for Colloidal Silver. I carried it with me to Vegas just as I carried it on our 15-day trip through the mid-west to the east coast last month, and I carried it with me on the plane to Hawaii in June. It saves me no matter where I go. I was worried that it wouldn't go through the zapper at the airport without damaging it, but it did. Glad to know that!

What I didn't know until doing some research on the web about my favorite natural antibiotic (there are others) is that it also helps with the flu. I should know this because I just used it for Mike when he had the flu. I was giving it to him though because he had so many symptoms that I wasn't sure what he had. He was able to get better without going to the doctor and taking a prescription.

I was just talking to our daughter Sherri who said she was recovering from a sinus infection. I just told her about colloidal silver. People don't have a clue what I'm talking about when I say that, and I decided I'm going to buy it for my grown kids for Christmas. It's a wonderful natural antibiotic that sits quietly on your shelf until you need it. You don't pay for an office visit and sit waiting for a doctor to see you, and you don't pay for a prescription. My bottle of Colloidal Silver cost me $8.95. Not bad!