Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Hugh And Lacy

This picture was taken in Las Vegas at my cousin Dee Anna's house. Hugh is Dee Anna's husband and Lacy is his parrot who loves to take rides each day with on the motor bike on Hugh's shoulder.

The bird was given to Hugh as a Christmas present last year and has recently warmed up to him. Lacy was afraid of men and wouldn't let them come near her. Actually, that is still true, except she now feels comfortable enough to let Hughie get near her. If he tries to stroke her she still isn't comfortable for that. But if he puts his arm out and lets her climb on top him, she will do that.

She's so funny! She says, "Lacy's, not a bird, Lacy's a girl! Mike will stand in the hallway where she can't see him and whistle a tune, she whistles back to him to same tune. The other day we were getting ready to leave and he was standing in the hallway next to her room, but she couldn't see him. She said, "Who's standing there"? She says it with authority too. She'll say, "Give me a peanut"! And you know she wants it right now.