Sunday, January 28, 2007

An Unbelieveable - After Ski -Story

After a fun filled day of skiing on the second day, we stopped for lunch.

My brother was talking to me and could sense I couldn't hear what he was saying.

A deaf person can bluff many times but not when a question is asked and an answer is required. This was the circumstance I found myself in.

I'm not totally deaf. My right ear is slightly deaf, 40 decibels below normal, but my left ear hears 80 decibels below normal. My hearing in that ear is very compromised. I realized I could hear better if I took the hearing aid out because there was too much outside interference.

I asked the four family members surrounding me to not let me forget to put my hearing aid back in. I realized when I said it that the words didn't go anywhere, but simply hung in the air.

After lunch, four more runs, turning in our skis, and 15 minutes down the road toward home I realized I didn't have my hearing aid! Panic struck the car. We all said silent prays and headed back. When entering the resort we stopped and asked a fervent prayer. I knew Heavenly Father would help us find it.

Mike knew which garbage can he had thrown our trash in. He said it was only a quarter filled at that time. We began emptying the can into another can and started going slower and looking more carefully when we got down to where we thought it might be.

Suddenly, Robert said, "I had Doritos, oh, I ate that too. Be careful aunt Peggy, that looks like my plate." Then Sherri said, "you had a Kit Kat Bar." At that time Robert announced there was no doubt about it it this was his plate. I stopped and carefully picked up his plate which was right on top of another plate.

There in the middle of what looked like a perfectly clean plate sat my hearing aid.

This was remarkable to us since the trash can was filled with water, soda, and gooey food. None of which had touched my hearing aid!

I've had many blessings in my life, and this one is among the ones on the top of my list. I'm so grateful for a loving, generous, Heavenly Father.