Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Fun in the Sun - Florida

Two years ago dear friends and neighbors from the sixties invited us to Daytona Beach, Florida where they've lived since the mid-seventies. They love it there and now I know why!

We were invited to join them in the celebration of their sixtieth wedding anniversary. We were excited to see them since we had only been together once since they moved to Daytona Beach.

Dolly and Fritz are my parents ages. Fritz was a air force fighter pilot, and Dolly was a good friend to my mother who passed away in 1987. My sister and I earned money by baby-sitting for Rick and Marilyn, their two children.

Dolly worked a the BX at Hill Air Force Base where she helped my two sisters and I get jobs. We adore Dolly and unfortunately lost her last year. She, my mother, and my sister Jeri who passed away a year and a half ago from colon cancer are probably enjoying each other again in a much nicer place.

My sisters Jeri, and Melody and I had a wonderful time in Daytona Beach. Melody and I went to the beach outside our hotel hoping to swim but it was November and the water was too cold. That didn't stop us from enjoying our stroll down the beautiful sandy beach though.

I guess I would have to say one of our favorite excursions was visiting the second tallest lighthouse in the USA. Ponce de Leon Inlet Light Station, New Smyrna, near the town, Daytona Beach.

Melody was the only sister who was healthy and was astounded when I said, "I'm not leaving until I climb that lighthouse." Jeri immediately echoed my words. Jeri was really sick, suffering with colon cancer, and I have post polio. We walked straight up the 200 stairs and thoroughly enjoyed the view from the top.

Right to left: Jeri, Peggy, Melody.

We didn't attend a Nascar race but saw where the races are held. We went to Disney World and of course had a wonderful time! One of our favorite experiences was to visit the Kennedy Space Center! What an experience!

My cousin Gail lives in Melbourne and we were able to visit with her also.

I've wanted to visit Florida for many years but have lived on or near the west coast my whole life, and had never taken the opportunity until then. I can't wait to return, and there is no doubt someday I will.