Monday, January 08, 2007

Ingram's are coming

Mike and Susan have had a trip planned to go to Ecuador and visit friends for several months now. We were asked to tend the children while they were gone and we or rather I quickly said yes.

There's been a glitch however, Susan fell off a ladder while putting up Christmas lights on the outside of their home and has badly injured her foot. The doctor told her she couldn't go the Ecuador unless she spent the entire trip in a wheelchair. Mike said no way! They would be at the foot of the Andes and he intends to go mountain climbing.

I was disappointed that we weren't going to have the children, but things are looking up. They've decided to drive to St. George, stay the night with his dad, drive to Phoenix, fly out of her the next day and fly to LA and take a cruise instead.

We will have the children for 6 days by ourselves. Upon returning, they will spend two days here, then back-track the same way they came. I can't wait!