Monday, January 29, 2007


Allergies plague my life and one thing that helped save my life was buying a new vacuum six years ago.

My biggest problem! I was sick two nights ago with vertigo and vomiting. Not fun! This was all brought on by eating dessert at a fast food restaurant. I am allergic to wheat, milk, corn, soy, simple sugars, chocolate, and that's just the food category.

Along with foods I'm allergic to everything that grows outside, molds, mildew, tobacco, dust.

Well, you get the idea, I'm allergic to the world.

I took shots for years and had finally gotten the pollens, and molds under control, but in 2002 I was so sick I thought I was going to die. I was on three or four inhalers, pills, shots and a nebulizer, all for asthma. I had constant asthma attacks, and had to constantly blow my nose because I was filled with mucus.

I was at my wits end when I turned to Heavenly Father and asked for help. The following day I a young man came to my door and said he would clean my carpets free. I'm usually quite hep at figuring out salespeople since I was a Realtor for 15 years, but this time I was clueless. It took quite a while for me to realize that he was selling Kirby vacuums.

By this time he had cleaned several large sections of carpet and some of my upholstery. I was sick looking at what he was getting out of the carpet and furniture. The real clue that my vacuum wasn't working was when I saw beans from a bean bag toy that my grandson had broken several months before. I had vacuumed more than a dozen times since then.

I asked the salesman to clean my mattress as I was dying in my bed. I had horrible asthma attacks during the night. He did and I was shocked at what came out of there!

Bottom line is that I bought the vacuum knowing full well that my husband would not be happy about the price. I told him that I would pay for it out of my retirement check and that I would save enough money to pay for the vacuum by not having to buy all the inhalers etc.

Turned out I was right. I've been free of inhalers, nebulizer, and pills ever since.

I was still coughing and blowing my nose after the salesman had left, even though I had cleaned the entire house.

Turned out I was sitting in the recliner which was next to the bar where he had left all the filth that had come out of the carpet, bed, and furniture. I cleaned up the mess, sat back down in the recliner, and immediately the attack stopped.

My nose quit running, I could breathe, and what's even more amazing it never returned!

Because of the testimonials I was giving all my neighbors and friends, two neighbors, a friend in San Fransisco, and my son in Connecticut bought Kirby Vacuums.