Saturday, January 20, 2007

Finally! we have an offer

Finally! We have an offer we can accept! Yesterday was a roller coaster day. Our emotions were up one minute and down the next. It all started during breakfast when our Realtor called. I had suggested the previous day that possibly we could assume the present loan on the home and pay the rest in cash, and close.

She wanted me to call and get that started. We did, and bottom line is that we could assume the loan but the seller would still be held liable. That was the first downer of the day. Next, we applied for a bridge loan at our bank. They would let us know the next day whether we were qualified.

We ran errands and was totally in shock when our Utah Realtor called to present an offer. Now, we were really up, but since I've been sick for a week and a half and this up and down business took a toll on my body. I was so down physically, that I couldn't enjoy the up of the offer.

We are very relieved to know it's presumably sold! We're crossing our fingers and toes that all will go as planned. Actually, we're praying that it all goes well.