Sunday, May 17, 2009

More Hawaii

When we were in Hawaii a couple of weeks ago, we happened upon a Luau. The participants were wonderful people. They were very friendly and even though we were strangers they invited us over to share their feast with them. We were on our way out to meet friends, so we really couldn't, but honestly, such friendshipping is so nice to see these days. This was one of those gay vacations, I guess like Rosie's cruises, and you know, they looked like they were having a ball. People of all ages, laughing, dancing, eating and just enjoying each others company. I actually felt bad that we couldn't "Hang Loose" with them for a bit, but we were running late.

We met Mike and Lauren just a few blocks away, and we were really late. But you know, this is Hawaii and time just seems to be forgotten, even by the tourists, so it wasn't too bad at all. We ended up having a wonderful seafood dinner, and taking a late evening stroll along the beach.

It really was a wonderful evening!