Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hawaii - Day Four - Saturday

I was so sad to leave the Hale Koa Hotel!

We began the early morning on our lanai of course.

We had birds all over the lanai. They fly there when they see people - hoping to get food. They did too!

I warned Mike that we are not supposed to feed the birds, but he couldn't resist. What does it matter anyway, everyone else is feeding them them. They are going to get people food no matter what. Okay, they won't live as long - but what a life while they're here.

Mike's breakfast for them was cheese and crackers. Hey, it could be worse.

We spent a few hours out on the beach and in the water again for the last time at the hotel.

There was a sign at Diamond Head that said, "Don't feed the birds. It's not a good diet for them." I thought to myself, "It's not a good diet for us. We're not feeding them salad you know."

We ate breakfast out in the beautiful sunshine at the Barefoot Bar that serves food from early in morning until late in the evening.

It's the cheapest place to eat at the hotel, and I think the nicest.

Although, the other restaurants have open areas to the outside too. This one is totally outside. There are umbrellas of course.

We went back to lay on the beach for the last time. Mike didn't stay out as long as I did because he still had red spots and was itching.

Mike checked out at 12:00 while I went back down to the Barefoot Bar and had a delicious chef salad for lunch. I met him at 12:08.

We headed up to Punchbowl, which is the cemetery were our hero's are buried. It was a solemn experience. I talked about this in my Beautiful Waikiki blog and don't want to be redundant. So I'll just say it was beautiful up there.

Punchbowl is at the top of a mountain, which overlooks Honolulu. It's a beautiful site! The bowl is just what is suggests. It looks like a crater of a volcano. I don't know whether it is or not. It's not really a deep crater, just a shallow bowl.

Then we drove out to Mililani Town to see John and Karen. In the picture is John's son Jeremy, his wife Sotia, and their little boy.

They have a lovely home in a beautiful city. Their backyard is small, but beautiful. It's a patio surrounded by palm trees, plants, and other trees. Hawaii style!

They were wonderful hosts. I hope they will come see us in Arizona and Utah so we can extend the same comforts and great food they served us.

They are planning to retire in 3 1/2 years and move to the Portland, Oregon area. That will be a beautiful place to live also.

We went to dinner at Ruby Tuesday's and John paid. I would have loved to have treated them. But he was fast on the draw with the visa. Next time John, it's our turn to treat!

We relaxed that evening. Watched a little TV. Watched the dancers and picked Apollo, as the winner. We found out several days later that he did win.

Karen and I did a little genealogy. She and John have been made the family history leaders in their ward. I hope I was a little help for her. There's a lot to learn when you're new at it.

P.S. A few months later Mike and I were sustained in our ward for the same position.